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Alternative install instructions

As well as installing in-app, you can install from the releases page, or developers might like to install from git clone.

The packaged version of this extension include the GoCardlessPro PHP libraries and exclude some dev-only bits including the bin, cli and tests directories.

Installing from release archive

The releases page lists all the releases; you normally want the latest one.

Be sure to download the .tgz or .zip file with the full name of the extension in it, not the source code

Unzip that in your extensions directory, then install.

Installing from git clone

This extension requires the GoCardlessPro PHP library. Here's how to install from the *nix command line. You need composer.

$ cd /path/to/your/extensions/dir
$ git clone
$ cd gocardless
$ composer install
$ cv en gocardless # assuming you have cv installed.

That should then bring in the GoCardlessPro dependency and you should be good to go.

Worth a mention

Side note: pre 1.9.3, this extension bundled a version of the Guzzle library. Since this is already included in CiviCRM (and has been for a while) it is now no longer included.