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Force Recurring

  • Default setting: false (off)
  • JSON key: forceRecurring

CiviContribute's Contribution Pages allow you to offer recurring payments. And if using the Membership sections then they may give a choice on auto-renew. But GoCardless requires payments to be recurring.

Enabling this setting will add Javascript to Contribution Pages that ensures the recurring/renew checkbox is checked whenever a GoCardless payment processor is selected.

If you do not have another solution in place, you should enable this setting to prevent failed mandates and frustrated supporters. You may enable it anyway, but you should test that it works with whatever other custom Javascript you have running on your page.


If you offer GoCardless with a membership that doesn't support auto-renew you’re in trouble: if you use this option then it will become auto-renewing; if you don't use this option, well then it’s going to crash because this GoCardless integration only offers recurring.

Send receipts for payments set up by custom code

  • Default setting: defer (previously default was never)
  • Possible settings: never always defer
  • JSON key: sendReceiptsForCustomPayments

If you use the normal, core Contribution Pages to set up all your Direct Debits you can ignore this; it won't have any effect.

However, if you have your own custom forms that create recurring contributions using the APIs provided in this extension, then this is relevant.

When a Contribution Page creates a ContributionRecur record, it copies its email receipting configuration to the ContributionRecur's is_email_receipt. That value will then be stored on the ContributionRecur record and there's no way to change it.

When the API is used to create a payment, CiviCRM will:

  1. see if is_email_receipt is provided in the API call's parameters. If it is, then its value will be used to decide the matter. Otherwise...

  2. if the contribution is part of a recurring contribution, fetch the stored is_email_receipt value from the recurring contribution table. This defaults to 1 (i.e. yes)

However, if you create the ContributionRecur records yourself via the APIs in some custom code, you might not have set this is_email_receipt value.

  • never and always ignore the recurring contribution record's setting and will pass 0 or 1 into the payment APIs.

  • defer will pass in the value from the recurring contribution record.

Allowed days of the month

  • Default setting: ['0'] (any day of month)
  • JSON key: daysOfMonth, value is array with at least one string value.

The allowed days of the month.

Set to "auto" for the next available date (stored as '0') or "last" (stored as '-1') for the last day of the month.

You can specify multiple options and it will give the user a choice when setting up the payment.

This only works if "Force Recurring" is enabled and "Monthly" or "Yearly" is selected.

Developers notes

  • The GoCardless API also supports specifying "month" for "Yearly subscriptions" but that is not currently implemented.

  • The "Force recurring" setting is required because we are sharing the gcform.js code and it was simpler to implement that way.