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Configuring the Twingle Profile in CiviCRM

The Twingle API extension is being configured through configuration profiles. This allows you to have different sets of configuration, as you might want to handle donation submissions differently, depending on which form was used. Each profile can react to one ore more form IDs being submitted along with donation data.

  1. In CiviCRM, go to Administer.
  2. Choose Twingle API configuration.

  3. Then click on Configure profiles.

  4. The Twingle configuration is always done with the help of a profile. Please use the Twingle default profile and click on Edit.

  5. Then you will identify the Twingle API profile window. Start by entering the corresponding information in the General settings section.

  6. Define the different payment methods in the Payments section.

  7. Make the settings for the groups.

  8. When you have made all the settings, please press the Save button.