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Activating CiviSEPA integration

The Twingle API extension provides integration with the CiviSEPA extension. This allows for managing SEPA mandates and collections with CiviSEPA for donations being initiated via a Twingle form.

  1. In CiviCRM, go to Administer.
  2. Choose Twingle API configuration.

  3. Then click on Configure extension settings.

  4. Tick the boxes Use CiviSEPA and Use CiviSEPA generated reference. These options can only be activated if CiviSEPA is installed and used. If it is not activated, the administration of SEPA mandates will have to take place in Twingle, which is subject to configuration of your available payment methods.

  5. Write TW- in the Twingle ID Prefix field. To avoid overlaps when assigning CiviCRM IDs and Twingle transaction IDs, a prefix should be assigned here, e.g. "TWNGL" or "Twingle" or similar. Attention: The prefix should not be changed later, otherwise problems may occur.
  6. In the Protect Recurring Contributions field select No. If you choose Yes, all recurring donations created by Twingle can no longer be changed in CiviCRM, but must then be changed accordingly in Twingle. If no recurring payments are processed via Twingle, but only one-off donations, then this does not need to be activated. Otherwise, we strongly recommend setting the button here to Yes so that there are no discrepancies between CiviCRM and Twingle.