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Release Notes


Releases use the following numbering system: {major}.{minor}.{incremental}

  • major: Major refactoring or rewrite - make sure you read and test very carefully!
  • minor: Breaking change in some circumstances, or a new feature. Read carefully and make sure you understand the impact of the change.
  • incremental: A "safe" change / improvement. Should always be safe to upgrade.

  • [BC]: Items marked with [BC] indicate a breaking change that will require updates to your code if you are using that code in your extension.

Release 1.0.1

  • Fix !22 Handle deprecated API4 joins in PaymentProcessorwebhook API.

Release 1.0

  • Add PaymentprocessorWebhook entity, API and scheduled job that allows for queueing and scheduling of webhooks - see Webhook Queue
  • Fully remove support for CiviCRM older than 5.28.
  • Add IPN getters/setters to provide object oriented initialisation.
  • IPN data can be array, object or string.
  • Clear cancel_date when setting a contribution back to pending.
  • Support CiviCRM multi-domain (add default domain to API calls).
  • Add handleErrorThrowsException option to MJWTrait (to help with testing).
  • Total Amount is always required when completing contribution (MJWIPNTrait::updateContributionCompleted()).
  • Set the 'payment_status' and add helper functions on doPayment() - see
  • Don't require total_amount for repeatContribution - it is set automatically via the template contribution of the recurring contribution.
  • Fix !19 Contributions held for fraud then approved don't send receipts - Send receipts on one-time payment notifications (if configured to do so via Contribution page).
  • Enable Refund UI by default.
  • "Javascript debugging" is now moved from Stripe to this library. If you have it enabled you will need to enable it again.

Release 0.9.12

  • Fix #7 Parse through thousands separators in calculateTaxAmount.
  • Fix !18 Incorrect financial transaction on repeatTransaction (Always pass payment_processor_id to Mjwshared.create_payment).

Release 0.9.11

  • Add supportsRecur() function to CRM.payment.
  • Add getPaymentProcessorSelectorValue() function to CRM.payment.
  • Fix !15 Stripe loading on drupal 8 webforms.

Release 0.9.10

  • Add getBillingEmail() and getBillingName() functions to CRM.payment library.

Release 0.9.9

  • Trap and log exceptions triggered when calling repeatcontribution.
  • Fix Stripe!121 Drupal Webform: Recognize 0 installments as recurring.
  • Add function processZeroAmountPayment to check/handle a zero amount payment.

Release 0.9.8

This affects new installs only. It should be completely safe to upgrade existing sites from 0.9.7 to 0.9.8

  • Fix #6 Install error on 0.9.7.
    • This was because the new settings file referenced a class from the Stripe extension.

Release 0.9.7

  • Add support for issuing refunds via the payment UI for payment processors that support refunds (eg. Stripe).
  • Fix Stripe#260 Refund not communicated back to CiviCRM properly (CiviCRM < 5.32).

Release 0.9.6

  • Fix Stripe#271 Can't submit credit card memberships: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: this.form is null

Release 0.9.5

  • Fix #4 Fatal error when is_email_receipt = null.

Release 0.9.4

  • Fix #2 Don't update receive_date when marking a contribution as failed.

Release 0.9.3

  • Add getBillingSubmit() to CRM.payment.

Release 0.9.2

  • Load CRM.payment library via coreResourceList so it is added everywhere CiviCRM is loaded (eg. drupal_webform etc)
  • Fix stripe#238 two receipts sent for subscriptions
  • Fix params for updateContributionFailed (id => contribution_id)
  • Fix Mjwpayment.get_contribution
  • Add getCurrency() function to CRM.payment
  • Add 'Install now' to minifier/contributiontransactlegacy extensions now they are available for automated distribution

Release 0.9.1

  • Add workaround for #17777 so receive_date is not updated on contribution (<5.29). Wrap workaround for order_reference in (<5.27) block
  • Fix Failed->Completed for updateContributionCompleted() (you now need to pass in contribution_status_id as a parameter).
  • Fix issues with params for Contribution.repeattransaction and IPNs (wrong params were being passed causing issues with completing contributions and duplicate payments).
  • Check if we've already loaded CRM.payment library and don't reload if we have.
  • Log errors if payment processor cannot be found for IPN.

Release 0.9

We are renaming this library to "Payment Shared". In some places you will see "Mjwshared" and in others "Payment Shared". They are the same thing!

  • Allow completing a contribution that has Failed status via updateContributionCompleted().
  • Add basic function for updating a contribution (eg. the trxn_id) without touching other things.
  • Don't trigger exception if payment processor ID not found for IPN, use debug function because we don't have access to getPaymentProcessorLabel() function.

API (v3)

  • Update Mjwpayment.get_payment spec.
  • Refactor Mjwpayment.get_contribution so it accepts order_reference and trxn_id params and returns a single contribution with matching payments.
  • Use Mjwpayment.create_payment instead of Payment.create API in updateContributionRefund() for compatibility with multiple versions of CiviCRM.
  • Add Mjwpayment.notificationretry that allows retrying IPN notifications stored in the civicrm_system_log table.

CRM.payment library

  • Load crm.payment.js before any payment processor scripts. Loaded in page-header unless client is webform-civicrm when we load in billing-block.
  • Add getIsRecur() function.
  • Allow the client to override/define their own CRM.payment.getTotalAmount() function (currently used by webform_civicrm - see

Shared PHP libraries (MjwTrait and MjwIPNTrait)

  • [BC] Convert beginDoPayment and getRecurringContributionId now require a \Civi\Payment\PropertyBag object instead of an array as parameter.

Release 0.8.1

  • Fixes and improvements to system checks.
  • Enhance getErrorUrl function and fixes for CiviCRM 5.27+

Release 0.8

This release contains breaking changes

  • Update updateContributionCompleted, updateContributionFailed, updateContributionRefunded, repeatContribution IPN functions so they now take order_reference and trxn_id parameters.

You need to update contribution_trxn_id -> order_reference and payment_trxn_id to trxn_id.

  • Switch to contribution.repeattransaction and payment.create API functions.
  • Initial support for \Civi\Payment\PropertyBag. Add new CRM.payment library. Add WebhookTrait

Release 0.7

  • Implement buildAsset hook so that assets can be loaded via AssetBuilder without the minifier extension being available.
  • Recommend minifier extension (and implement a dummy buildAsset hook so extensions using buildAsset for the minifier will still work without it).
  • Recommend contributiontransactlegacy extension if drupal webform_civicrm is enabled.
  • Implements setExceptionMode to allow skipping the exit on exception policy !5.
  • Add compat functions to work around issues with \Civi::resources()->addVars() - This improves compatibility for forms with multiple payment processors.
  • Update Mjwpayment.get_payment API to support multiple parameters and options per (CiviCRM 5.26).

Release 0.6

  • Improve updateContributionRefund() function to handle new order_reference field and use Payment.create API.
  • Simply calls in Contribution.getbalance to improve performance.
  • Add check to warn if nfp worldpay extension is installed as it breaks things!
  • Add currency symbol to Contribution.getbalance

Release 0.5.1

  • Fix getBillingEmail() to work in more circumstances and add tests

Release 0.5

  • Add Contribution.GetBalance API

Release 0.4.6

  • Fix missing return array on getTokenParameter.

Release 0.4.5

  • Remove setTokenParameter, modify getTokenParameter as we're now using pre_approval_parameters in Stripe 6.2

Release 0.4.4

  • Record a full refund correctly

Release 0.4.3

  • Improvements to get/setTokenParameter.
  • Add js validation to event registration form.

Release 0.4.2

  • Fix params passed to repeatTransaction - this was causing some repeating contributions to fail.

Release 0.4.1

  • Fix 'is not boolean' error on IPNs. getIsTestMode() was returning TRUE/FALSE but the API requires 1/0.

Release 0.4

  • Fix issue with non-default currency on form when you can choose from more than one payment processor on the form.
  • Add getTokenParameter()/setTokenParameter() functions to MJWTrait which should be used when setting parameters via javascript (eg. Stripe paymentIntentID) which are required when the payment is actually processed (via doPayment()).

Release 0.3

  • Major refactor of MJWIPNTrait.
  • Add function to update the transaction ID for a payment related to a contribution.

Release 0.2

  • Add function to get configured currency for contributionpage/event registration page.

Release 0.1

  • Initial release