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This allows you to implement custom handling for unrecognised/unknown webhook events.

For example if you use the same Stripe account to take payments through multiple systems (eg. online shop, CiviCRM) you will receive webhooks for payments to both systems. But only the payments that were created using CiviCRM will be matched.

By implementing this hook you can choose to do something with those payments from external systems - eg. add them into CiviCRM. Once they are in CiviCRM they will be handled like any other payment in future and subscriptions will continue to be updated automatically in CiviCRM.

 * @param string $type The type of webhook - eg. 'stripeipn'
 * @param Object $object The object (eg. CRM_Core_Payment_StripeIPN)
 * @param string $code "Code" to identify what was not matched (eg. customer_not_found)
 * @return mixed
function myextension_civicrm_webhookEventNotMatched(string $type, $object, string $code = '') {
  if ($type !== 'stripe') {
  if (!($object instanceof CRM_Core_Payment_StripeIPN)) {
  switch ($code) {
    case 'customer_not_found':