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Quick Start

Here's an example that will let you easily add the "Major Donor" tag to a contact from your search results:

Configure a Search View

  • Go to Administration menu » Customize Data and Screens » Profiles.
  • Next to an existing profile, click the "Settings" link (screenshot 1).
  • Check the box labeled "Search Views" and press "Save" (screenshot 2).
  • Go to the CiviCRM Administration menu » Customize Data and Screens » Fast Action Links.
  • Click the "Add Fast Action Link" button.
  • Set the values as follows (screenshot 3):
  • Link Text: Test Link
  • Search View: Whichever profile you enabled "Search Views" on in the previous steps.
  • Action: Add a Tag
  • Select a Tag: Major Donor
  • Click "Save".
  • Go to Search menu » Advanced Search.
  • Change your "Views for Display Contacts" (screenshot 4) to match your Fast Action Link's search view. Press "Search".
  • Next to each contact, you should have a new link called "Test Link". Clicking this link should add the "Major Donor" tag to the corresponding contact (screenshot 5).

Screenshot 1: Screenshot of "Profiles" menu showing "Settings" link

Screenshot 2: Screenshot of "Search Views" checkbox

Screenshot 3: Screenshot of "New Fast Action Link" configured as described

Screenshot 4: Screenshot of Advanced Search's "Views for Display Contacts"