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CiviRules Integration

If you have both the Fast Action Links and CiviRules extensions enabled, a new trigger type will be present in CiviRules called "Fast Action Link" (screenshot 1).


In CiviRules

  • Go to CiviRules menu » New Rule.
  • Create a new rule as you normally would in CiviRules, but set the trigger to "Fast Action Link" (screenshot 1).
  • Create a new fast action link as you normally would. Set the "Action Type" to "Trigger a CiviRule" (screenshot 2).
  • Set "Select a CiviRule" to any CiviRule that has a trigger of "Fast Action Link" (screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1: Screenshot of CiviRules with "Fast Action Link" trigger selected

Screenshot 2: Screenshot of Fast Action Links configured to trigger a CiviRule