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Sending newsletters / mailings with CiviCRM is a common task and there are useful features in core for that purpose, including Double-Opt-In e-mails, multiple mailing groups, etc. However, when offering a lot of mailing lists, users should have more coherent means for managing their subscriptions and CiviCRM forms may not be suitable for every scenario.

Instead of creating external forms and custom API actions for each project, this extension offers configurable form profiles for subscription preference management, along with an API action to use as an endpoint for external forms.

In other words, your organization's staff can configure mailing subscription preference pages in CiviCRM. The extension will then make this information available via its REST API and an external system can generate the pages and present them to your contacts. The extension's API also has built in logic and actions to receive and update mailing preferences submitted from your external forms.

Finally, the extension will provide custom token that can be used in mailings to direct users to your subscription management pages.


  • Define subscription/preference pages for mailing lists in CiviCRM
  • Display those pages on any external system
  • Define custom email-templates for your subscription/preference pages (instead of CiviCRM's default workflow emails)
  • Use a link to a subscription preference page in your mailings instead of an unsubscribe or opt out link


  • PHP v7.0+
  • CiviCRM 5.3
  • Dependency on CiviCRM Extension "Extended Contact Matcher" (de.systopia.xcm)
  • A system that will serve as your public system such as an external website


Using this extension requires that you have or set up an external system to act as a frontend for your forms. In case you would like to build your forms based on Drupal you will most likely want to have a look at and/or use the Drupal module CiviCRM Advanced Newsletter Management which includes a lot of pre-built features. Otherwise, you would have to build your own endpoint in the system of your choice.

It would also be possible to implement CiviCRM-native forms for this extension, so you do not have to use an additional system for the forms. If you are interested in this feature and can provide some funding, please create an issue and/or contact us (