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Mosaico - Responsive email template editor

This extension integrates a responsive email template editor, Mosaico, with CiviCRM.

View/Download this extension in the Extension Directory.


History and blog posts


For help installing extensions, please see the Install a New Extension section of the Extensions chapter in the SysAdmin Guide.


Download Mosaico from the Mosaico page on the CiviCRM extensions directory as the Mosaico extension requires additional packaging steps for a working release!

Getting started (Usage)

If you haven't used Mosaico before, consult the the demo and tutorial materials from

To send a new mailing, simply navigate to Mailings > New Mailing. The CiviMail-Mosaico UI should appear.

Optionally, you may design reusable templates by navigating to Mailings > Mosaico Templates.

When composing a new mailing with Mosaico, the screen may be configured as a three-step wizard or as a single-step form. To choose a layout, navigate to Administer > CiviMail > Mosaico Settings.

If you would like to compose mailings with the old CiviMail screen, navigate to Mailings > New Mailing (Traditional).

Using Mosaico with Scheduled Reminders / Personal Messages

There is an experimental extension that allows Mosaico templates to be used for scheduled reminders, personal messages and a few other email related template-y things. It is called mosaicomsgtpl.


To avoid confusion the above extension is experimental, whilst it is in use on production sites it would benefit from more extensive testing! If you can help open an issue.

Support and Maintenance

This extension is supported and maintained by the CiviCRM community.

Please make sure you have followed installation instructions.

Open issues on github with: - screenshot of failure with any possible errors in firebug or js console - any related logs or backtrace from civicrm - tell us what version of CiviCRM and extension, you using. - tell us the browser you are using (name and version) and test at least a second browser to tell us if this happen in both or only one (tell us the details about the second browser too).

Migration to a new Domain

If you move CiviCRM to a new domain, you must update the template paths using the replaceurls API method:

cv api MosaicoTemplate.replaceurls from_url="" to_url=""
  • Mosaico templates will be restricted to each domain in multi sites
  • You need to ensure that you have separate image upload directory set in Directory settings & Resource URLs settings, so that each site would have unique set of images in their gallery while editing a mosaico template. eg: [civicrm.files]/persist/contribute/site2