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Registering change requests

This is solely done using the API actions provided for existing entities by this extension:

The action's name is request_update and requires the entity ID (id) as a parameter to be provided. It also accepts all parameters valid for the respective entity, i.e. those will be taken into account when processing data differences. Additionally, the action accepts the following parameters used for the I3Val activity that is to be created:

  • Request note (i3val_note)
  • Schedule date (i3val_schedule_date)
  • Parent activity ID (i3val_parent_id)

If there are data differences, an activity will be created, documenting them in a structure that allows parsing by the I3Val Desktop.


Registering change requests through the I3Val API would usually be done by other CiviCRM extensions that want to utilize I3Val's functionality for validating their data. Most notably, the Extended Contact Manager (XCM) extension provides an option for registering differences of contact data when identifying contacts with a set of parameters.