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Importing data to a survey

CSV data can be loaded into a survey if the sheet follows the following rules.

  1. You can have zero or more initial rows which will be ignored until a row is found whose first column is participantID.
  2. Column headers are code names.
  3. You can (only) import to number, bool, string, options type fields.

You can download a template for your survey which inlcudes all parts with code names, and all participantIDs (and names).

How to specify values for options fields (checkboxes, radios)

Specify values using their stored values. For 'other' type values you can use _other_yourfield: your value.


For a part with options 'red', 'yellow', 'green', and '_other_colour' values...


Simply selects 'red'!


Selects red and yellow - if the part uses checkboxes (but not if it uses radios, since for those you can only specify one value).

_other_colour: mauve

Selects green, and the _other_colour one and sets the 'other' value to 'mauve'.

Spreadsheet apps usually allow you to enter line breaks within cells by pressing Shift-Enter (or Ctrl-Enter or similar).