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Hark Surveys

Hark the people! Create complex (or simple) surveys integrated with your CRM and your external website. Also includes fun poll tool.

Key features

  • Define surveys with different parts. A part may be a question, or headings/texts/etc (CommonMark supported).

  • Various data types supported: numbers, text (short/multi-line, email, URL), files, single/multi options with 'other' support.

  • Calculated Parts can be defined whose values are based on evaluating expressions from other parts. e.g. a calculation like a total, also allows ranking participants.

  • Optionally split parts into groups, pages, sections.

  • Show/hide parts based on other answers. A relevance expression can be defined for this to allow branching. This applies to groups, pages, sections too, so you can easily hide a set of questions that aren't relevant.

  • Fine-grained Access Control Lists (ACLs): You can define different roles to be used with a survey, and then each part can define which roles can view/edit it.

  • Define the participants - i.e. sets of answers to a survey. e.g. a person or an organisation that the data relates to.

  • Multi-layer access control: Optionally, define contributors with different roles on a participant. This can allow sets of people different levels of access to different parts of the survey for different participants. e.g. so a participant may be asked "how humble are you?" and may answer "I‘m probably the most humble person you’ve ever met", but then another question seen only by staff may ask "how humble do you think they are, score 1-5?" and staff may answer 1. Later, permissions may be changed so that the participants can no longer edit their answers, but may still see them, and may also see the staff assessment of their answer. This can be used to implement appeals / right of reply.
    Diagram showing above

  • Safe simultaneous edits of a participant's data. e.g. two contributors could edit different sections at the same time, but it prevents clashes of two people trying to edit the same thing.

  • The form to allow a contributor to provide answers can be embedded in an external website (thanks to the Inlay extension) via a simple <script> tag.

  • Tools for export, import, and simple reporting on participants’ answers.

  • QC: There are code tests to cover much of the logic.

Key concepts/entities:

  • Surveys - the list of questions and metadata etc.

  • Participants - data for a particular survey. Participants are typically linked to an organisation.

  • Contributors - contacts who are allowed to contribute to a participant's answers in some role.

  • Role - a per-survey set of roles (simple surveys may just have a default 'admin' role) used to govern who can see/edit what data.

  • Part - Surveys are defined with lots of parts. A part may be a chunk of text, a question, the start or end of a section/page.

  • Answers - Belong to a Participant and a Survey.


Screenshot showing the definition editor of a simple 3 part survey. Parts show as single line summaries with drag n drop support for re-ordering them. The third part is shown 'opened', showing how an radio optoins can be edited. On the right you see a preview of how it will appear in the form.

definition screenshot

Report: pie chart

Pie chart

Report: bar chart

Bar chart

Report: table. Click a header to sort, can filter results too. Counts under table.

Table Screenshot

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