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Before you use the Online Submission extension you will need to know the following

Your HMRC User ID (SDS Reference is Sender ID) Your HMRC User Password (SDS Reference is Sender Value) The Charitity Id credential for communicating with HRMCR Gateway. This is the XR number you would have been supplied by the HMRC. Name of the Organisation that is submitting the claim The name of the Regulator belonging the Claiment organisation The Regulator Number belonging the Claiment organisation Surname of the Authorising Officer for your organisation Forename of the Authorising Officer for your organisation Phone Number of the Authorising Officer for your organisation Postcode of the Authorising Officer for your organisation e.g. EC2A 3AY

Data Settings

Before Gift Aid Online Submission can be used, we need to specify several settings that will allow it to communicate with the HRMC Gateway. You should already have received your account details from HMRC. If not, you’ll need to apply for one from HMRC before proceeding.

  1. Goto the Administer menu and select CiviContribute->GiftAid->Online Gift Aid Submission.
  2. On the Gift Aid Submission Settings page as shown below, you will find a list of settings that must be specified. Click on the ‘Edit’ link to change the value of these settings. settings
  3. Once you have filled in the details for the setting, click on save to submit the data: settings edit

Submit Batches to HRMC for processing

  1. Goto the Contributions menu and select Online Gift Aid Submission: submission link

  2. In the example below, we have two Batches that are ready for submission to HRMC: batch ready for submission Note: This now shows a "Validate" link and submit is only available once you've fixed the validation errors.

  3. When you click the validate link you will see: validate report

  4. You must fix or remove the validation errors before you can submit.

  5. If the submission has been successful, you will see a screen similar to the one below. submission successful

  6. If the submission was not successful, you will see the screen below. submission error

If this the case, then please check that your Data settings have been defined correctly.