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Release Notes

Releases use the following numbering system: {major}.{minor}.{incremental}

  • major: Major refactoring or rewrite - make sure you read and test very carefully!
  • minor: Breaking change in some circumstances, or a new feature. Read carefully and make sure you understand the impact of the change.
  • incremental: A "safe" change / improvement. Should always be safe to upgrade.

  • [BC]: Items marked with [BC] indicate a breaking change that will require updates to your code if you are using that code in your extension.


Requires ukgiftaid 3.5

  • Compatibility with ukgiftaid 3.5.0.
  • !9 Add fa icon to action links.


  • Drop support for CiviCRM older than 5.35.
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility.


  • Format the GovTalkMessage and display full error message.
  • Fix #6 invalid value for 'gateway_timestamp' on install.
  • Add link to giftaid report to see details of batch.
  • Fix filtering by batch ID in report.
  • Fix re-submit (error has already been submitted) when acknowledged and then failed via polling request.
  • Fix exporting report when batchID filter is specified via URL.
  • Fix #7 Unable to Submit Gift Aid for CASC (allow a blank charity regulator).
  • Add icons to status messages on list of submissions.


  • Convert legacy settings to use standard CiviCRM storage.
  • Write 'Overseas' tag for non UK postcodes when submitting to HMRC.
  • Use MJW Consulting software Vendor ID (as provided by HMRC to the software developer) by default.
  • Clean up submission and error reporting process.
  • Make sure we can always request new status from the UI when pending a response.
  • Add API to mark a batch as manually submitted (GiftaidOnline.set_manualsubmit).
  • Add API to mark a batch as eligible for resubmission (GiftaidOnline.set_resubmit).
  • Add API to generate XML without submitting to gateway (GiftaidOnline.get_batch_xml).
  • Hide 'back to list of submissions' button on view batches.
  • Batch status should be pending when polling request is 'acknowledgement' - allow retrieving new status.


  • Fix #4 Cannot submit giftaid claim online.
  • Hide PERIOD_END setting as value is required but not used by gateway.


  • Fix issues with address errors if declaration date is a few seconds after contribution receive_date!
  • Update report for compatibility with ukgiftaid 3.4.4


  • Fix deprecated hook format warnings.
  • Fix #1 - Menu item for Gift Aid submission settings doesn't appear - requires ukgiftaid 3.4.4+


  • Fix creating "Gift Aid Submission failure" report on install and change name on upgrade.


  • Remove support for retrieving address from contribution (this likely has not worked for a long time because the database fields didn't exist).


  • Fix issues with SQL on install if tables already exist.


Requires GiftAid extension 3.3.8 or newer

  • Moved some internal name/address formatting functions to the giftaid extension so they can be shared between this extension and the reporting functions of the giftaid extension.


  • Validate and filter donor first/last name before submitting to comply with data format restrictions.


  • Fix postcode validation and support 'X' for postcode which can be entered for non UK addresses.
  • Add navigation menu items
  • Update onlinesubmission form URL
  • Log/update validation errors if submitting or validating so they show in reports
  • Display results of submitted for POLL task - it is not clear if POLL still works as it does not work with HMRC in dev mode.
  • Fix civicrm.giftaid#4 getting address from declaration when declaration is 'Yes and past 4 years'.
  • Implement function to remove from batch and add link to rejection report (now removes from civicrm_entity_batch, contribution batch_name field and the rejection report).
Add a validate/submit workflow:

validate form

  • When you have a not yet submitted batch it is no longer possible to submit without validating.
  • First you click on the validate link.
  • Then, once you've resolved the validation errors you can submit.
Rejection report

rejection report

  • Fix name clashes in rejection report
  • Log/update validation errors if submitting or validating so they show in reports
  • Add rejection detail column to rejection report
  • Add link to contribution on rejection report


Added a new column to the civicrm_gift_aid_rejected_contributions table, in order to report rejections based on Batch Id and Submission.

Suggest if your upgrading you add this in manually

ALTER TABLE civicrm_gift_aid_rejected_contributions ADD COLUMN submission_id int(10) unsigned AFTER batch_id;


Amended custom search to use contribution dates and not declaration dates as this is not as useful


Change permission who can submit the batches to HMRC

'allow giftaid submission' is added to permission list.

Make sure the role has the above permission in place in order to submit the batches to HMRC.


Introduced 2 new features

  1. GiftAid Online Failure report - To view the rejection reason for the GiftAid Online Submission
  2. GiftAid Contribution Custom search - To search for contributions which are not claimed and those with valid declaration.

If you are doing new installation, skip Step 1 and 2 and go to Step 3.

If you are upgrading, you must do all 3 steps.

Note: If you are upgrading from version prior to v1.5.2, run the ALTER table mentioned in the section above.

Step 1: Register report (Only for upgrade) Title: giftaidonlinefailure ( Description: GiftAid Online Failure Report Report URL: Class Name: CRM_Giftaidonline_Form_Report_giftaidonlinefailure Component: CiviContribute

Step 2: Register Custom Search (Only for upgrade) Navigate to Administer >> Customize Data & Screens >> Manage Custom Searches Click 'Add Custom Search' Enter the below values in the form and click 'Save' Custom Search Path: CRM_Giftaidonline_Form_Search_giftaidcontributionsearch Search Title: giftaidcontributionsearch (

Step 3: Create report instance (New Install and Upgrade) Navigate to Administer >> CiviReport >> Create New Report from Template Click 'giftaidonlinefailure' under 'Contribution Report Templates' Review the Display Columns section. Not to worry about the Filter, as batch ID will be passed to the report from Online Gift Aid Submission page Click 'Preview Report' button Under 'Create Report' section, give a report title and set the permissions and click 'Create Report' button. You dont need to include report in navigation menu, as the report link will be displayed in Online Gift Aid Submission page for each batch.


Introduced two new hooks

giftAidOnlineSubmitted( $batchID ) Used if you want to perform an action following successful submission i.e. update another table, send an email etc

invalidGiftAidOnlineContribution( $batchID, $contributionIDRemoved ) Used when contributions aren't submitted due to not meeting gift aid online rules i.e. invalid postcode formats or address lines etc

Also added a new column to the civicrm_gift_aid_submission table Suggest if your upgrading you add this in manually

ALTER TABLE civicrm_gift_aid_submission ADD COLUMN IRMark varchar(255);

This column will hold the IR Mark of successfully submitted claims

There is also a new table that holds contributions that were classed as invalid pre-submission and this also needs to be created if your upgrading

The script is in scripts/sql/civi_gift_aid_rejected_contributions