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Release Notes


Releases use the following numbering system: {major}.{minor}.{incremental}

  • major: Major refactoring or rewrite - make sure you read and test very carefully!
  • minor: Breaking change in some circumstances, or a new feature. Read carefully and make sure you understand the impact of the change.
  • incremental: A "safe" change / improvement. Should always be safe to upgrade.

  • [BC]: Items marked with [BC] indicate a breaking change that will require updates to your code if you are using that code in your extension.

Release 3.5.3 (2023-07-31)

  • !36 Add route for contribution tasks so they can be used with searchkit.
  • !38 Allow inactive financial types to be selected for eligible configuration.
  • !39 Add Api4 Contribution.UpgradeGiftAid action.

Release 3.5.2 (2022-09-26)

  • Fix #34 Report results in fatal error if contribution column is not not selected.

Release 3.5.1 (2022-05-16)

  • Fix #28 Fix broken logic in 3.5 with declarations.

Release 3.5

  • Fix GiftAid report fatal error.
  • !28 Add options to summarise by contact and sort by sort_name.
  • Add system check for version if ukgiftaidonline is installed.
  • Clear session data when running each test.
  • API4 conversion.
  • Standardise on lowercase names for custom fields.
  • Use shared function to get addresses from gift aid declaration.
  • phpunit8 compatibility for tests.

Release 3.4.9

  • Remove broken GiftAid.Makepastyearsubmissions scheduled job (the API call was actually removed a year ago).
  • Drop support for CiviCRM < 5.35. Add support for CiviCRM 5.44+.

Release 3.4.8

  • Fix exporting when batchID filter is specified via URL.

Release 3.4.7

  • When upgrading check and update customfield datatypes (eligible_for_gift_aid was varchar instead of int on some old installs).
  • Don't add contributions with a future "receive date" to batch. HMRC does not allow this!
  • Fix getting eligible financial types setting.
  • Fix #19 Find contribution with batch name bring no result.
  • Ensure that we create a GiftAid report instance.
  • Allow filtering report via batch_id URL parameter.
  • Fix #17 Amount totals in Gift Aid Report are for 50 record subset, not total records in Batch.
  • Fix #25 consider addresses from declarations in the next 4 years.

Release 3.4.6

  • Add GiftAid.Ensuredatastructures API.
  • #20 Add GiftAid.Getcontributioneligibility API.
  • Fix #21 Enlarge source to prevent data too long issues.
  • Make sure report totals are calculated correctly if decimal separator is not dot for currency
  • Fix #15 House name or number is now first line of address per HMRC/Charities Online guidance.

Release 3.4.5

  • Fix #10 - issues with Gift Aid profile description and fields.

Release 3.4.4

Requires CiviCRM 5.25 minimum or you won't see the batch name anymore in the contribution detail - alterCustomFieldDisplayValue hook does not exist.

  • Replace deprecated hook definitions.
  • Remove deprecated trapException on executeQuery.
  • Switch "Add to Batch" to use API and supported batch params.
  • If deleting a batch clean up giftaid batch info so we don't have problems adding them to a new batch.
  • Add API to recalculate amounts for contributions already added to a batch (GiftAid.recalculatecontributionamounts).
  • Fix ukgiftaidonline menu items sometimes not showing: ukgiftaidonline#1.
  • Fix searching for batch via reports.
  • Improve GiftAid Report for submission to HMRC !12
  • Improve address validation for house names.
  • Fix get address for report when contribution receive date is a few seconds after declaration but on same day.

Release 3.4.3

  • Fix #9 Fix contributions marked not-eligible when line items missing

Release 3.4.2

  • Fix #4 - Individual donation marked as "NO" from backend, gets included in batch.
  • Remove unused lineitems display from add/remove to batch.
  • Add 'View' action to contributions on add/remove batch list.

Release 3.4.1

  • Add GiftAid.Updatedeclarations API
  • Use title that user entered when adding to batch
  • Disable logging when fixing declarations/contributions via API
  • Fix crash with disable then enable extension

Release 3.4

This release adds unit tests, fixes multiple issues, improves documentation and adds a field "Given Date" to the declaration.

  • Update empty address when updating declaration
  • Add date declaration was given, as well as the start date. (Currently defaults to the same.)
  • Fix bug when recording a not-eligible declaration and a future is-eligible declaration exists.
  • Fix #3 - generate correct link for gift aid declaration tab
  • Don't create 'Yes, in past 4 years' optionvalue for contributions on install....
  • Fix issues with Contribution customfield metadata in installer
  • Trigger postInstall hook which is required on install to set revision so upgrader steps are not run
  • Followup re gitlab issue #2 - fix problem with shared field name
  • Fix license link
  • Update documentation
  • Fix gitlab issue #2: cannot reinstall after uninstall
  • Add eligibility flowchart (graphviz .dot format source)
  • Don't worry about calculating gift aid fields twice
  • Add unit tests
  • fix issue #24 setDeclaration called with missing eligible_for_gift_aid param
  • Identify eligibility by line items not contribution financial type. Fixes issue #19
  • Fix install wrongly setting table-level default batch; add first two tests
  • Improve code readability and avoid duplicated method calls
  • Simplify fetching list of entity_ids

Release 3.3.11

  • Use "Primary" address instead of "Home" address for declarations.
  • Remove code to handle multiple charities - it is untested and probably doesn't work anymore and adds complexity to the code.

Release 3.3.10

  • Only display eligible but no declaration message if logged in and has access to civicontribute.
  • Use session to track giftaid selections on form so it works with confirmation page.

Release 3.3.9

  • Fix crash on contribution thankyou page when a new contact is created.

Release 3.3.8

  • Refactor GiftAid report to fix multiple issues and show batches with multiple financial types.

Release 3.3.7

  • Allow editing address on the declaration.

Release 3.3.6

  • Rework "Remove from Batch" to improve performance and ensure that what is shown on the screen is what is added to the batch.
  • Rework "Add to Batch" task to improve performance and ensure that what is shown on the screen is what is added to the batch.
  • Update GiftAid.updateeligiblecontributions API and document.

Release 3.3.5

  • Update and refactor how we create/update declarations.
  • Added documentation for declarations to explain how the declarations are created/updated and what the fields mean.

Release 3.3.4

  • Fix issues with setting "Eligible for gift aid" on contributions.
  • Added documentation for contributions to explain how the gift aid fields on contributions work.

Release 3.3.3

  • Include first donation in the batch
  • Due to the timestamp on the declaration is created after the contribution hence the first donation doesn't gets included in batch. Set the timestamp as the date rather than time.
  • Clear batch_name if we created a new contribution in a recur series (it's copied across by default by Contribution.repeattransaction).
  • Check and set label for 'Eligible amount' field on contribution.
  • Always make sure current declaration is set if we have one - fixes issue with overwriting declaration with 'No'.
  • Fix #5 Donations included in batch although financial types disabled in settings.
  • Trigger create of new gift aid declaration from contribution form if required.

Release 3.3.2

  • Handle transitions between the 3 declaration states without losing information - create a new declaration when state is changed.
  • Refactor creating/updating declaration when contribution is created/updated.
  • Properly escape SQL parameters when updating gift aid declaration.
  • Extract code to check if charity column exists.

Release 3.3.1

  • Major performance improvement to "Add to Batch".

Release 3.3

In this release we update profiles to use the declaration eligibility field instead of the contribution. This allows us to create a new declaration (as it will be the user filling in a profile via contribution page etc.) and means we don't create a declaration when time a contribution is created / imported with the "eligible" flag set to Yes.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you run the extension upgrades (3104).

  • Fix status message on AddToBatch.
  • Fix crash on enable/disable extension.
  • Fix creating declarations every time we update a contribution.
  • Refactor insert/updateDeclaration.
  • Refactor loading of optiongroups/values - we load them in the upgrader in PHP meaning that we always ensure they are up to date with the latest extension.
  • Add documentation in mkdocs format (just extracted from README for now).
  • Make sure we properly handle creating/ending and creating a declaration again (via eg. contribution page).
  • Allow for both declaration eligibility and individual contribution eligibility to be different on same profile (add both fields).
  • Fix PHP notice in GiftAid report.
  • Match on OptionValue value when running upgrader as name is not always consistent.

Release 3.2

  • Be stricter checking eligible_for_gift_aid variable type
  • Fix issues with entity definition and regenerate
  • Fix PHP notice
  • Refactor addtobatch for performance, refactor upgrader for reliability
  • Add API to update the eligible_for_gift_aid flag on contributions

Release 3.1

  • Be stricter checking eligible_for_gift_aid variable type