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Global Tokens

Global Tokens can be used as a centralized place to store values that are reused across multiple tasks. This is particularly useful for things like credentials or API keys, which you may not want to include in your task exports if you store them outside of CiviCRM (e.g. in git).

Global Tokens are effectively a key-value store. To access them, go to AdministerAutomationSQL TasksGlobal Token Manager. The Global Token Manager page allows you to create new tokens and change values of existing tokens.

To reference the value of a token within a task, use the {config.name_of_token} syntax. Global Tokens can be used within all action fields in a task.

As an example, you may want to upload files to an SFTP server using the "CSV Export" action. Instead of storing the password in the task itself, you can define a global token called sftp_password and reference it in the "Upload to" field of the "CSV Export" action as follows:


When the task is executed, {config.sftp_password} will automatically be replaced with the value of the token (i.e. the password).


Global Tokens are quite useful if you're trying to maintain a staging environment that's using production data while trying to avoid side-effects of accidental SQL Task executions. For example, as part of your process for creating the staging environment, you could remove any production credentials, export paths or emails (or replace them with test values). This would allow you to execute tasks on staging environments without accidentally exporting files to a partner or emailing your clients.