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SMS Conversation

SMS conversation allows you to automate SMS conversations with contacts in CiviCRM.

Have you ever been asked to evaluate a recent experience with Customer Services via SMS?


"Please rate how satisfied you were with our service on a scale of 1 to 5.

5 = Very satisfied, 1 = Very unsatisfied."




"Great - thanks for letting us know. Did we manage to resolve your problem? [please ansswer 'yes' or 'no']".

Of course customer service evaluation is only one example simple example. The conversations can be longer and more complex if you like and be used in any number of situations.


Some key features of SMS conversation:

  • Record answers received in core and custom contact fields
  • Add contacts to groups based on how they answer a question
  • Validate answers using lists of acceptable answers or or advanced pattern matching (with configurable 'I didn't understand what you said' responses)
  • Branch the survey and ask different questions depending on the answer to previous questions. For example, if someone says that the environment is their most important issue, ask them if they would like to donate to the environment fund.
  • Use inbound text messages to start conversations, e.g. text 'join' to 800225 to answer a few questions and join our party (required CiviRules).

History and credits

SMS conversation builds on work originally done in the Chained SMS. Development of SMS conversation was sponsored by the National Democratic Institute. Development of the original Chained SMS extension was funded by Future First.

SMS converstation was Developed by Michael McAndrew, Third Sector Design and Matthew Wire, MJW Consulting who can be contacted for support and further development.