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How the sync processes work

  1. A frequently run incremental sync. This process checks for changes made since the last sync, and processes them.

  2. Immediate sync for a single contact when a record is changed on Mailchimp, it should fire a webhook to tell CiviCRM about the changes. CiviCRM can then immediately sync that contact. Mailchimp does not fire these webhooks for every type of update, so this alone is not enough.

  3. Data sync. (todo) Updates any data generated by CiviCRM that is to be stored in Mailchimp also.

The main incremental sync process is supposed to be run frequently and regularly. How often is up to you, could be every 5 minutes or every hour. There are parts to this:

  1. Fetch and reconcile: When a sync is started a process fetches information from Mailchimp and CiviCRM and updates a local subscribers cache table. Next begins a reconciliation algorithm which compares it and decides which service should be considered correct. Updates to CiviCRM are made directly. Updates to Mailchimp are submitted to Mailchimp in batches of up to 1,000 per batch and we then have to wait for them to finish processing these.

  2. Batch result handler: A Mailchimp Batch Update Webhook causes the result of a batch to be fetched (from Mailchimp) and inspected. Unsusccessful updates that were due to us trying to subscribe someone who previously unsubscribed result in a new update job to set their status to 'pending'. Other failures are just logged.


This diagram needs updating.

Flowchart diagram

How webhooks are handled

We handle unsubscribes, subscribes, cleaned, profile and email update webhooks.

Unsubscribes and cleaned result in the contact being removed from the group. If cleaned then also the email is put "on hold".

Profile updates will result in the name fields being changed in CiviCRM, if the updated data contains FNAME or LNAME merge fields.

Email updates are handled as follows:

  • If the incoming email is not already found on the contact record, a new Bulk Email is added. If we know this email already belongs to the contact, no changes are made to it.

  • The civicrm_mailchimpsync_cache row has its mailchimp_email updated to the new one.

  • Note that the old email is not deleted or put on hold; it's perfectly normal for someone to change an address they have on a list for a new one but keep their other one(s) for other purposes (different lists, or billing etc.)


Email updates CiviCRM → Mailchimp: see Issue #4. Unsure about name updates C→M.