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Configuration of CiviProxy

When using the form processor behind a CiviProxy you need to white list the following api calls:

  • FormProcessorInstance.list
  • FormProcessorInstance.get_output to get information about the fields returned from a form processor
  • FormProcessor.get_fields to retrieve the inputs of a form processor.
  • FormProcessor._your_form_processor_name_ to run the form processor
  • FormProcessorDefaults.get_fields to retrieve the fields for retrieving default data a form processor
  • FormProcessorDefaults._your_form_processor_name_ the actual retrieval of default data
  • FormProcessorValidation.get_fields to retrieve the inputs able to validate
  • FormprocessorValidation._your_form_processor_name_ the actual validation of your form processor
  • FormProcessorCalculation.get_fields to retrieve the inputs able to do calculations
  • FormProcessorCalculation._your_form_processor_name_ the actual calculation of your form processor