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Form Processor is an extension originally developed by CiviCooP, mainly funded by Roparun, Velt, Barnekreftforeningen and CiviCooP themselves.

The aim of the extension is to create a framework to enable swift development (increasingly without coding) of forms that are used on the public website and communicate with CiviCRM.

The configuration we had in mind when developing is a CiviCRM installation on a different server than the public website and communication with CiviCRM using the CiviMRF framework (see the CiviMRF GitHub repo).

About CiviMRF

CiviMRF is a framework that enables communication between a public website and CiviCRM on a separate server. It contains a generic core, a Drupal 7 specific implementation, a Wordpress specific implementation, a Drupal 8 specific implementation etc.

This is not required, you can just as well use the Form Processor extension to communicate with a CiviCRM installation on the same server as the public website.


This guide is a first attempt to explain the basic concept of the Form Processor and a few examples on how to use the form processor.

Actually we should mention here that it is the combination of the Form Processor extension and the Action Provider extension (see Action Provider extension) in combination that provide the framework. The Action Provider provides predefined actions that can be used to do stuff in CiviCRM with the data entered on the form, or retrieval methods to provide default data to the form.

There are a few requirements to be able to get the full benefits of the Form Processor extension:

The basic concepts of the Form Processor are explained on:

In this guide you will also find an example to set up forms with the Form Processor without coding and an example how to develop your own actions and retrieval criteria, as well as an introduction on how to create your own:

The latter How To will give you an example of how to develop your own actions!

CiviCRM versions

The Form Processor extension has initially been developed with CiviCRM 4.7.4 and has been tested with CiviCRM 5.x on various sites.


If you want the Form Processor updated to a newer version you can do so. Alternatively, if you want us to do it and have some funding, contact Jaap Jansma ( or Erik Hommel( You can also find them on the CiviCRM Mattermost Channel using the handles jaapjansma or ehommel.

Screen prints

In this guide you will find a number of screenshots. These were all taken from an installation with the Shoreditch theme.