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Upgrade instructions

Changing from a different eWay Payment Processor to using eWay Recurring Payment Processor

When changing a CiviCRM from a different EWAY Payment Processor to this one, it is recommended to edit the existing Payment Processor and simply change the Payment Processor Type to eWay Recurring and not add a new Payment Processor.

This will avoid issues where existing Recurring Contributions cannot be viewed or the Contact Contributions tab will not load because when the previous Payment Processor is disabled.


The 2.0.0 version introduces use of the eWay RapidAPI 3.1, which requires a different method of authentication with eWay from that used in the 1.x series.

You will need to Download and extract the extension as usual, and after running the Extensions upgrades, you will need to generate an API Key and Password and update these details in your Payment Processor settings.

Once your authentication details are updated, existing recurring payments will continue to operate as usual.


Versions prior to 1.2.0 kept track of remaining installments by decrementing the installents field of each ContributionRecur, making it difficult to determine the total number of installments for a given contribution. 1.2.0 changes this behaviour, and includes an upgrade script that will add a count of contributions that have already passed to the installments count so that the count of installments remains consistent with new data, and in-progress recurring contributions are not terminated early. If you do not wish this upgrade script to be run, you will need to manually set the schema version of the extension to 5.