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eWay Recurring Payment Processor for CiviCRM

CiviCRM payment processor extension for eWay which uses the latest eWay Rapid API and ensures PCI DSS compliance.

Supports both once-off and recurring payment utilising the secure token payment method. This essential for automating the process setting up recurring donations and memberships in your CiviCRM securely and reliably. This payment processor also allows you to specify a particular day of the month to process all recurring payments together.

You will need to have an eWay account to use this payment processor on your CiviCRM website.


  1. Download the latest version of this extension
  2. Extract it to your CiviCRM extensions directory, as defined in "System Settings / Directories".
  3. Go to "Administer / System Settings / Extensions" and enable the "eWay Recurring Payment Processor (" extension.

Upgrade instructions

If you are changing from a different eWay Payment Processor or upgrading from eWay Recurring 1.x, please read the Upgrade Instructions

eWay API Key and Password

Configure the payment processor with the required eWay API Key and Password as obtained from the eWay Account. eWay provides step by step instructions for generating these details.

eWay Account Configuration

It is recommended to set the following options in the eWay account.

Log into MYeWAY and go to My Account tab > User Security > Manage Roles. Click on the Role to get to the Role Permissions.

Enable the Allow Beagle Alerts Customer IP Override permission for the role assigned to the API account. This is required for any CiviCRM site which is operating behind a proxy server such as Nginx, CloudFlare etc.

This can be indicated by eWay error response with text: Function Not Permitted to Terminal

Allow Beagle Alerts Customer IP Override

By default, when a credit card payment is processed by eWay, the transaction is not confirmed in CiviCRM until either:

  1. the customer waits for the default 5 seconds before being returned to the website or
  2. the customer clicks the Finalise Transaction button.

It is often the case that neither of these events occur which results in the CiviCRM Contribution record being created with a Status of Pending (Incomplete Transaction).

The responsibility of marking these Contributions as Completed then becomes a manual process of reconciling the eWay payment with the Contribution record, which is not ideal.

To avoid this situation, it is recommended to change the Redirect After Payment Processing delay default from 5 seconds to 0 seconds. Thereby reducing the likelihood of the transaction not being confirmed in CiviCRM and thus ensuring that the Contribution Status is set to Completed.

To change the Redirect After Payment Processing option:

  1. Login to MYeWAY.
  2. Hover the mouse over the Settings tab then click on Shared Page.
  3. Locate the Redirect After Payment Processing option.
  4. Change the option to 0 seconds.

For more details see,

Redirect After Payment Processing

Recommended setting for Redirect After Payment Processing is 0 seconds.

Redirect After Payment Processing

eWay Transactions Verification

The eWay Transaction Verifications job verifies the pending transactions in eway. This is required for when CiviCRM is unable to verify the transaction immediately, for example if the end user does not press the Return to Merchant button or if the contribution was made via a Drupal Webform.

Visit civicrm/admin/job to enable eWay Transaction Verifications job.

Failed eWay Transactions

Recurring contribution transactions could fail for one of several reasons; in these situations, the extension will mark the recurring contribution as failed and retry the transaction at an interval up to a maximum number of times, both of which can be configured.

To update the Maximum retries and Retry delay (in days) go to civicrm/ewayrecurring/settings. The default Maximum retries is 3 and Retry delay is 4 days.

CiviCRM template overrides

This extension applies changes to the following CiviCRM templates:

  1. CancelSubscription - hides an option to send cancellation request, as all processing is done locally
  2. Amount - adds a field to specify the day for recurring payment in the contribution page settings
  3. UpdateSubscription - adds a field to change the next payment date

About the Authors

This CiviCRM extension was developed by the team at Agileware.

Agileware provide a range of CiviCRM services including:

  • CiviCRM migration
  • CiviCRM integration
  • CiviCRM extension development
  • CiviCRM support
  • CiviCRM hosting
  • CiviCRM remote training services

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