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CiviCRM Entity Construction Kit

The Entity Construction Kit (ECK) provides a user interface and an API for creating and managing custom CiviCRM entities. In conjunction with custom fields being attached to those entities, things in your business logic can be modeled more clearly, when standard CiviCRM entities are not sufficient.

The extension is licensed under AGPL-3.0.


  • PHP v7.2+
  • CiviCRM (5.51)

Known Issues

Since "dynamic" entities, or, to be more specific, entity types, traditionally have not been supported by CiviCRM Core, custom entities created by ECK might not work as expected everywhere. The technical reason for this is that usually every CiviCRM entity (type) needs a dedicated BAO class, present as a physical PHP file, which does not apply for ECK entities, that share a single controller class. This has already been worked on in CiviCRM Core, most notably by Coleman Watts of the CiviCRM Core team, who is to be hugely credited for his work! See this Pull Request for more information.