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CiviDiscount provides the ability to add discounts to event registrations and membership contributions within CiviCRM.

CiviDiscount is designed to allow discounts of a set percentage or dollar amount through the use of a custom discount code or applied automatically based on specific criteria.


  • Custom or randomly generated discount codes.
  • Usage limit
  • Schedule start and end dates the code is valid.
  • Support for price sets and individual items in a price set
  • Custom message for invalid codes
  • Option to apply discounts to additional participants
  • Discounts valid for specific events or event types
  • Discounts valid for specific membership types
  • Discounts valid for price set options for contributions in general (only on contribution pages)
  • Automatic discounts applied for specific members types or statuses
  • Automatic discounts applied to contacts based on type, age, country or custom fields.
  • Code summary screen displays usage for a given discount code
  • Usage and assigned code tabs on a contact record