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Intents are the basic building block of the Dialogflow extension.

This extension comes with a number of Intent types that you can use to create intents to cater for your needs.

For example, you might create a Subscribe intent that users can use to subscribe to your monthly newsletter, or an Activity intent that users can use to schedule an appointment with you.

You probably also want to create a Default welcome intent that defines introductory phrases that people will see when they start talking with you, and and a Default fallback intent for when we don't understand what the user wants us to do.

Creating an intent

Go to Dialogflow > Intents and choose an intent type that meets your needs. Click the link and you'll be redirected to a form to define the intent.

Typically the forms come pre-populated with sensible defaults but you can customise it to your needs.

Currently implemented intents

  • Subscribe for subscribing people to a newsletter