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Build rich conversational experiences in CiviCRM through the power of Dialogflow.

This extension allows users to interact with CiviCRM via conversational interfaces (like a WhatsApp, SMS, chat clients, etc).

This documentation aims to be a comprehensive guide to working with Dialogflow in CiviCRM. It covers

  • Creating an account at Dialogflow and connecting it to CiviCRM.

  • Creating intents in CiviCRM that describe the ways in which you want your users to interact with CiviCRM (for example, signing up to a newsletter, booking an appointment, registering for an event).

  • Setting up integrations with conversation services like WhatsApp, Twilio, Facebook, Skype, etc. so your users can talk to CiviCRM from these services.

Get started

To get started:

  1. Download and install the extension
  2. Configure the extension
  3. Create intents
  4. Set up integrations
  5. Test it out
  6. Promote it to your users


If you get stuck and would like help using the extension, please ask for help in CiviCRM's user support chat room or ask a question on our Q&A site.

If you think something is not working correctly, could be improved, or you would like to contribute, please create an issue on our issue tracker.