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Configuration Profiles

This is a utility extension providing a generic data structure and UI for extensions with profile-like configuration items, i. e. providing multiple sets of configuration options, which we call Configuration Profiles.

Think of an extension that provides connections to an external API (or vice versa), each with different options for processing incoming data, you might e. g. want to have activities of different types created for each connection, and you would want to have that be configurable via the UI.

Each type of configuration profiles, no matter what purpose it serves, also shares some common pieces of information, such as an ID, a title, a date of its last usage, etc. - and this is what this extension is providing to developers of extensions, saving them from re-developing configuration profile data structures over and over again.

When saving extension configuration that might grow indefinitely, using the CiviCRM Settings API might also not be a good idea, as there are length limits for setting values. You would want your own database table for configuration profiles, which - in most cases - would look very similar across different configurable extensions. This extension provides a generic database table for configuration profiles of any type, serializing additional properties in a generic data column.