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Developers' information

This page details info for developers or those who want to work with it programmatically.


  next_id    : 124,
  journeys   : {
    journey1    : <journey_def>,
    journey123  : <journey_def>,
    <journeyid> : <journey_def>,
  • next_id ensures new journeys have unique ids, e.g. here the next journey id will be journey124

  • journeys is an array of journey definitions (see below), keyed by journey id

A <journeydef> looks like:

 'name'          : 'Admin name of journey',
 'id'            : 'journey1',
 'mailing_group' : 123,
 'mail_from'     : <from_id>,
 'schedule'      : <schedule>,
 'steps'         : [ <stepdef>, <stepdef>, ... ]

If schedule is not present, then this journey will NOT be run by the scheduler. i.e. original functionality.

A <schedule> is an array of constraints, keyed by the type of constraint. Only the relevant constraints should be present. An empty array means run every time.

    'days'          : [1, 3, 7], // ISO-8601 1=Monday, 7=Sunday.
    'day_of_month'  : 1,
    'time_earliest' : '09:00', // 24 hr format.
    'time_latest'   : '23:00',

A stepdef looks like:

    'code' : 'S1',
    'next_code' : 'S2',
    'send_mailing' : $this->msg_tpl_1,
    'add_to_group' : '',
    'interval' : <interval>
  • code is a unique code used by admins. Nb. it must be unique across all journeys.

  • next_code is what to set a contact's step field to after processing this step. It's either blank (no next step, end of journey) or the code of the following step.

  • send_mailing is the message template ID of the mailing to send, or blank for not to send a mailing.

  • add_to_group if truthy ('1') then after processing this step contacts are added to the group that is specified in the journey's config.

  • <interval> is missing, blank, or an SQL valid interval like "7 DAY".

Release notes


Breaking changes:

If you had any code that called the Chasse.step API using journey_index you now need to update this to use journey_id. Journey indexes were problematic - delete journey 0 and now journey 0 would be what used to be journey 1.

After initial upgrade journey id will be 'journeyN' where N is the old journey index. But after changing journeys there may be different numbers so look them up before writing them into scripts.