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Release Notes


Releases use the following numbering system: {major}.{minor}.{incremental}

  • major: Major refactoring or rewrite - make sure you read and test very carefully!
  • minor: Breaking change in some circumstances, or a new feature. Read carefully and make sure you understand the impact of the change.
  • incremental: A "safe" change / improvement. Should always be safe to upgrade.

  • [BC]: Items marked with [BC] indicate a breaking change that will require updates to your code if you are using that code in your extension.

Release 1.1

  • Fixes for Smartdebit 1.40 release.
  • Fix SmartDebit amounts are divided by 100.

Release 1.0

  • Fix title for recur status setting.
  • Fix crash if payment processor has been disabled.
  • Regenerate civix for PHP7.4 compatibility.
  • Use generic settings form.
  • Fix for passing propertyBag to changeSubscription.
  • Create a 'Delete recurring contribution' activity when deleting.

Release 0.15

  • Add UI option to delete recurring contributions.
  • Allow delete recur link to only be visible for certain recurring contribution statuses.

Release 0.14

No changes - move to

Release 0.13

  • Fix issue where pro-rata would display next year instead of this year for the wrong months of when the start month is not January.

Release 0.12

  • Fix install process if it has never been installed.
  • Unset legacy next_sched_contribution parameter.