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Postcode lookup for CiviCRM


For having postcode lookup feature in CiviCRM backend and Front end profiles.

Supported Providers


  1. See:
  2. Configure postcode lookup provider details in Administer->Postcode Lookup.


From version 1.6 you need to give the Access CiviCRM Postcode lookups permission to anyone who can do postcode lookups (eg. anonymous user). Previously the permission required was Access CiviEvent.

Integration with Drupal Webform

This drupal module provides integration with Drupal Webform:


  • For backend, postcode lookup features is automatically enabled for address fields when adding/editing contacts and configuring event location.
  • For front end profiles, postcode lookup feature is enabled for payment billing address, primary address and all location types set in Administer->Postcode lookup.

Include 'Supplemental Address 1' and 'Supplemental Address 2' fields in the profile for address lines based on the rules in the Royal Mail programmers guide.