SparkPost email extension for CiviCRM

This extension allows CiviCRM to send emails and process bounces through the SparkPost service. It currently is one of the Top 10 most used extensions for CiviCRM.

It was designed with the following goals and/or features: integrate as seamlessly as possible within CiviCRM, neatly replacing other email options be fully documented, with the documentation published on the official CiviCRM documentation website be well maintained on at least the LTS and latest versions of CiviCRM be trivial to install and configure, even for the novice users self-configure when possible and check that everything is appropriately setup be nimble and fast, and in particular use the REST API rather than SMTP, and use real-time callbacks have a 'service provider' mode in which the same SparkPost account can be used for multiple clients accurate processing of bounces with in-depth analysis and translation of all bounce codes

It sends both transactional and CiviMail emails through the SparkPost service. Bounces are processed through a callback (no need for an email account dedicated to bounce processing), but CiviCRM only processes bounces for CiviMail-originated emails. We are planning to extend bounce processing to transactional emails in the short term.

Opens and click-throughs are still tracked by CiviCRM as there is no added-value in having these tracked by SparkPost.