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Signatures Extension

CiviCRM allows associating HTML-formatted signatures to e-mail addresses of contacts, which are being added when composing messages. This is feasible for sporadic generation of easy e-mails. When it comes to using those signatures in mass mailings or letters or utilising message templates, this is going to to be difficult.

The Signatures extension allows multiple separate signatures to be attached to contacts, per contact and message type, i.e. letters and e-mails, each as plain text and HTML-formatted, as well as for mass mailings. Once created, those are available as tokens in each message and can be used within message templates.

When sending messages, those tokens are being replaced with the particular signature of the logged-in contact, or the creator contacts, when using mass mailings (which can be sent automatically by a cron job), respectively.


When installed, the extension provides a navigation menu item "Signatures" within the "Contacts" sub menu, which leads to a configuration form for the signatures for the current contact.


The form tells you which contact's signatures are currently being edited. Users with the permission to edit all contacts can edit signatures for other contacts by adding the cid parameter to the URL, e.g. ?cid=1.

The following tokens are available for usage in messages:

Token Meaning
{signatures.signature_letter_html} Letter signature (HTML)
{signatures.signature_email_html} E-mail signature (HTML)
{signatures.signature_email_plain} E-mail signature (plain text)
{signatures.signature_mass_mailing_html} Mass mailing signature (HTML)
{signatures.signature_mass_mailing_plain} Mass mailing signature (plain text)