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With this extension you can give constituents access to their CiviCRM data without them needing a Drupal account.

This extension has been created with the following use case in mind: Let people read and change their contact data in a drupal webform. To access the data, people need to enter their email address. A link to the prefilled webform will be sent to that email address if and only if the email address exists within CiviCRM.

This documentation refers to version 1.0-beta1 of SelfService. The described configurations of the webforms are referring to a Drupal 9 instance.

We need your support

This CiviCRM extension is provided as Free and Open Source Software, and we are happy if you find it useful. However, we have put a lot of work into it (and continue to do so), much of it unpaid for. So if you benefit from our software, please consider making a financial contribution so we can continue to maintain and develop it further.

If you are willing to support us in developing this CiviCRM extension, please send an email to to get an invoice or agree a different payment method. Thank you!

Status of this documentation

This documentation is not complete. Some screenshots are not (yet) compatible to each other. You are highly welcome to contribute corrections or additional chapters.