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CiviCRM Replay-on-Write: Development

Debug Extension

The bundled extension rpowdbg provides a UI to help investigate how rpow works. I suggest enabling it.

Usage Example (Development)

One way to see it working is to use an exaggeratedly-slow replication process where you can watch the steps. The describes an approach using rebuild-ro in which synchronization is only done manually. Here are few steps to try in the rebuild-ro config:

  • In the browser
    • Navigate to your CiviCRM dev site
    • Do a search for all contacts
    • View a contact
    • Edit their name and save
    • Make a mental note of the CID. (Ex: 123)
    • Note: The saved changes do not currently appear in the UI. Why? Because they were saved to the read-write master, but we're viewing data from the read-only slave.
  • In the CLI
    • Lookup the contact record (ex: 123) in both the master (civi) and slave (civiro) databases. You should see that the write went to the master (civi) but not the slave (civiro).
      SQL="select id, display_name from civicrm_contact where id = 123;"
      echo $SQL | amp sql -N civi ; echo; echo; echo $SQL | amp sql -N civiro
    • Update the slave.

TIP: After you finish doing development, delete the file civicrm.settings.d/pre.d/100-civirpow.php. This will put your dev site back into a normal configuration with a single MySQL DSN.

Unit Tests

Simply run phpunit without any arguments.


Add integration tests covering DB_civirpow

cookie expires relative to first edit; should be relative to last edit

debug toolbar is wonky, and it's hard to tell if it's ux or underlying behavior. change ux to be a full-width bar at the bottom which displays all available info. (instead of requiring extra clicks to drilldown)

optimistic-locking doesn't work -- it always reads the timestamp from rodb before reconnecting to rwdb. any use-case that does optimistic-locking needs a hint to force the reconnect beforehand.

packaging as a separate project makes it feel a bit sketchy to drop hints into civicrm-core. consider ways to deal with this (e.g. package as part of core s.t. the hint notation is built-in; e.g. figure out a way to make the hint-notation abstract... like with a listner/dispatcher pattern... but tricky b/c DB and some caches come online during bootstrap, before we've setup our regular dispatch subsystem)