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Obtain an account reference (token) from the PSP for the associated contact.

Creating a mandate

Go to the contact which to add a recurring PSP payment contract for

  • On the SEPA Mandates tab, click Add new SEPA mandate
  • Choose your previously configured Creditor
  • Enter the Account Reference obtained from the PSP previously
  • Enter Amount, Frequency, and any other information available
  • Click Create to create the mandate

Preparing payments

When the payment is due (depending on creditor and mandate configuration), go to ContributionsCiviSEPA Dashboard

  • Depending on the mandate type, click Update One-Off or Update Recurring to create transaction groups
  • Click Close and Send for the transaction group that corresponds to the creditor and mandate created previously
  • Download the transaction group file

Submitting payment requests to the PSP

To submit transactions to the PSP, go to ContributionsSubmit transactions (PSP SEPA)

  • Choose the PSP type
  • Enter your PSP account credentials
  • Select the previously downloaded transaction group file
  • Click Submit
  • You will receive feedback about each contribution within the transaction group file