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The Project 60 Membership Extension aims to provide tools for a "European" interpretation of the "membership" concept. In the Anglo-Saxon countries (CiviCRM's native land) a membership is regarded as a service. If you don't pay anymore, you won't get the service - that's it. In a lot of other countries the conception is different: it's more like an indeterminate binding contract.

A number of problems arise from this slightly different interpretation:

  • Membership fees are not necessarily entered manually, or collected via a payment processor, but can enter CiviCRM by other means (e.g. import, SEPA mandates, etc.).
  • Memberships should be automatically extended, when the appropriate payment is in the system.
  • You need to know who is behind on their payments and by how much.

The membership extension replaces the built-in functionality of extending memberships. It provides the following features:

  • Assign contributions of a specific financial type to memberships. This makes it possible to find contacts that did not pay enough membership fees.
  • Automatically extend the end date of a membership if enough membership fees for the period are paid.
  • Create membership numbers automatically with a configurable pattern.
  • Provide additional tokens for communication, for example cancellation date and reason.

The project 60 membership extension does not interfere with the built-in mechanism of membership types and membership statuses, as well as the automatic changing of membership statuses.

We need your support

This CiviCRM extension is provided as Free and Open Source Software, and we are happy if you find it useful. However, we have put a lot of work into it (and continue to do so), much of it unpaid for. So if you benefit from our software, please consider making a financial contribution so we can continue to maintain and develop it further.

If you are willing to support us in developing this CiviCRM extension, please send an email to to get an invoice or agree a different payment method. Thank you!