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Adding and saving new greeting fields

  • Click on Administration and select Administration Console.
  • In the section Communication click on MoreGreetings.
  • At the very top, enter the desired number of new greeting fields to be created in the field Number of fields.
  • Define the desired new rule or function in the respective greeting field using Smarty.
  • Click the Save button to save the newly created greeting field(s).

Updating new greeting fields

  • After adding a new greeting field, press the button Save & Apply to all contacts. The content of the greeting fields will be automatically updated for all contacts in CiviCRM.

Renaming greeting fields

  • From the Administer menu, select Customize Data and Screens and select Custom Fields.
  • Go to the Custom Field Set Additional Greetings.
  • For this entry, click on the View and Edit Custom Fields command.
  • Go to the greeting field whose field name you want to customize.
  • There, select the Edit Field function.
  • Enter the desired name in the Field Label input field and confirm with Save.
  • When you have entered all the field names as desired, click the Done button in the list of greeting fields.

Showing the newly created greeting fields

  • Select a contact in CiviCRM. A custom field set labeled Additional greetings with the new greeting field(s) appears.

Write-Protecting the content of a newly defined greeting field

  • Select a contact in CiviCRM.
  • Switch to the custom field set Additional greetings.
  • Click the Edit button next to the greeting field whose content you do not want to change.
  • Check the Write Protection box to the right of the desired field.

Usage in documents and emails (mail merge) As with CiviCRM's regular

greetings you should have a token menu from which you can select the desired greeting when editing an email or a template.