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Selecting contacts

If you are working with MailBatch, the first step is to select the desired contacts to whom you want to send a mail.

  • Filter out and select the desired contacts using a search function.
  • From the Action list box, select the function Send emails (via MailBatch).

Choosing e-mail settings

In MailBatch, you can specify certain settings with regard to the e-mail addresses and batch size.

  • Select the desired sender e-mail address. This is a required field.
  • Decide whether you want to take a contact in copy (Cc) or blind copy (BCc).
  • Enter the desired reply-to e-mail address, if applicable.
  • Select the desired batch size. This is a required field.

Selecting a message template

You generally create message templates in CiviCRM via the Mailing templates function from the Mailings menu.

  • Select the appropriate template for the e-mail to be sent.

Specifying file attachment

With MailBatch you can specify different mail attachments for e-mail to be sent. If the desired e-mail attachment is not found or cannot be attached, you can allow MailBatch to send the mail anyway.

  • Select the appropriate attachment type for the e-mails (e.g. File On Server).

Defining activities

In Mailbatch you can define in which way the sending of the mails is treated as an activity.

  • If necessary, define the activity if the sending of the e-mail was successful.
  • Specify the name of this activity.
  • If necessary, set the activity if the e-mail was not sent successfully.
  • Specify the name of this activity, if applicable.
  • If necessary, set the activity if there was no e-mail address for a selected contact.
  • Specify whether you want to assign the activity to a specific person, if applicable.
  • Set the structure of the activity.