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Use the following steps to install GDPR.

  1. Administer > System Settings > Extensions
  2. Add New
  3. Sort by name
  4. Find, download, and install this extension:

    • ** General Data Protection Regulation**
  5. If necessary, click Enable after the extension has been downloaded and installed. When the extension is enabled:

    • GDPR should show up as green-highlighted.
    • The option to Disable it will be present.
  6. Next grant appropriate permissions (see below)


The GDPR extension adds 3 new permissions which should be configured within your CMS before the extension can be used. See Permissions and access control the CiviCRM User Guide for more information.

Discovering features after installing

After installing, GDPR’s features can be found in the following places:

  • A GDPR Dashboard link in the CiviCRM 'Contacts’ menu
  • A GDPR tab within a contacts record

You will need to complete the GDPR settings in the GDPR dashboard.


If you no longer wish to use GDPR, you may disable it, or uninstall it.

  • Disable - will turn off GDPR’s features, but preserve any data that you have created with it. If you re-enable GDPR later, you'll be back where you left off.
  • Uninstall - can be done after disabling, and will completely remove all traces of GDRP, including the data created with it. If you re-install GDPR later, you'll be back to square one, before you ever installed it.