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This extension provides an alternative way to send confirmation emails for CiviCRM Events. It creates an additional tab within CiviCRM Events that allows you to define different message templates to be sent based on conditions (including the participant's status, role and preferred language). It will also allow you to suppress CiviCRM's regular emails.

It aims at providing an easier way to adapt event confirmation e-mails than editing the system workflow messages provided by CiviCRM.

Configuration Mask

Known Issues

This extension can send e-mails whenever an event registration is created or updated, including regular CiviEvent registration forms. You will be able to use many of CiviCRM's regular tokens as well as some special template variables provided by the extension. However, some tokens and other data that can be found in CiviCRM's default confirmation e-mails will not work out of the box. This particularly affects payment information for events with online payments and/or participant fees.