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Event-Checkin (de.systopia.eventcheckin)


An extension to provide check-in links and QR codes to CiviCRM event participants, so they can check in with the event's front desk, or even automatically.

When a check-in link is used (e.g. by scanning a QR-code) users with appropriate permissions will be presented with a screen that shows information and allows checking in the participant, thus changing its status (e.g. to "attended"). It also provides an API to allow a remote system to do this.


  • Generates check-in links and QR codes for participants
  • Provides a form for users with appropriate permissions to check in participants after scanning te QR code
  • Allows for including links and/or QR codes in emails and documents created in CiviCRM


The extension "Event Communication" (de.systopia.eventmessages) is required to include the links and QR codes in e-mail and/or documents generated by CiviCRM. You could also use the two extensions to create event tickets icluding QR codes and set up automated workflows for sending them out via e-mail based on the participant's role and/or registration status.

This extension uses Chillerlan's QR code generator to generate QR codes.