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Resolving conflicts with the deduper

The deduper extension provides various conflict resolutions. The following resolutions occur by default

Misplaced names

Resolves names in the wrong fields e.g in the table below the following will be successfully merged to Bob M Smith. Where an extra initial exists this is appended to the existing middle initial.

First Name Middle Name Last Name
Bob M Smith
Bob M J Smith
Bob M Smith
Bob M Smith
Bob M Smith

Equivalent Names

The deduper allows you to save names like 'Bob' and 'Robert' as equivalent. You can specify one name as inferior (a misspelling or using the English alphabet where you prefer the original Japanese alphabet) or as a nick name or as equally good. Depending on the setting you choose under >> Administer >> Customize Data and Screens >> Deduper Conflict Resolution it will prefer nick names over non-nicknames or vice versa or use your default preference (e.g most recent donor).

Deduper Screen

Still in WMF custom code - to be ported

  • diacritic resolver
  • casing resolver.