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Setup and Configuration


This extension replaces the extension. Uninstall that extension before installing this one.

  1. Enable the bitpay extension in CiviCRM.
  2. Go to the CiviCRM system status page and ensure that there are no missing requirements for the bitpay extension: requirements

Create an account

If you don't already have a bitpay account:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Verify the account.
  1. Create an account.
  2. Verify the account.

Create an API token

You need to login to your account at bitpay to create an API token for use with the CiviCRM extension.

  1. Follow the instructions there to create a new API token.
    • Make sure "Require Authentication" is enabled.
  2. Make a note of the pairing key.

Enable extension

  1. Create a new payment processor of type "Bitpay".
    1. Enter a "Private Key decryption password" of your choice.
    2. Enter any value for "API Key" - we don't use this.
    3. Don't enter anything for "Pairing token".
    4. Make a note of the payment processor ID (and the test ID) (see info here for how to find this: - you can see the ID of the live processor by hovering over the edit link for that processor)

Pair with Bitpay API

  1. Run CiviCRM API Bitpay.createkeys with parameters:
    • payment_processor_id={id}
  2. Run CiviCRM API Bitpay.pair with parameters:
    • payment_processor_id={id}
    • pairingkey={pairing key you created at bitpay earlier}


If you have trouble installing after uninstalling you can try running:

API bitpay.checkinstall

This will check that the new extension has everything it needs to function.