Skip to content Spendenformular Direkt (abandoned but open for funding / contract work)

Extension to connect to the Direkt donation page via the webhook api.

The extension is licensed under AGPL-3.0.


  • PHP v5.4+
  • CiviCRM 4.6/4.7/5.x



  • Go to your client administration
  • Configure the "API Callback URL" at https://www.spendenformular-direkt./backoffice/clients/YOUR_CLIENT_ID/endpoint/edit
  • Change the "Versandart" to "Als JSON-URL-Parameter" so the CiviCRM API can work with the callback data.
  • Add the URL using this schema: https://DOMAIN/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/rest.php?entity=BPDonation&action=submit&api_key=APIKEY&key=KEY
Url part Description
DOMAIN Your CiviCRM domain
APIKEY The CiviCRM API key of the contact you wish to use for performing API calls.
KEY The CiviCRM site key as defined as the constant CIVICRM_SITE_KEY in your civicrm.settings.php file.

Configure CiviCRM

  • Go to the Administration console /civicrm/admin
  • Open " Direkt API Configuration" at /civicrm/admin/settings/betterplace

Configure a contact for administrative activities

Open "Configure extension settings" at /civicrm/admin/settings/betterplace/settings and provide the CiviCRM ID of the contact that will receive the activities.

Configure profiles

Open "Configure profiles" at /civicrm/admin/settings/betterplace/profiles.

The default profile is used whenever the plugin cannot match the Direkt form id from any other profile. Therefore the default profile will be used for all newly created Direkt forms.

Label Description
Profile name Internal name, used inside the extension.
Form IDs Direkt form IDs. Separate multiple IDs by commas. Example: e1e36e0a-d706-45ce-96b8-8948bee03efe
Location type Specify how the address data sent by the form should be categorised in CiviCRM. The list is based on your CiviCRM configuration.
Campaign (Optional) Specify if a donation should be attributed to a CiviCRM Campaign. CiviCRM will ignore all attribution that was given inside the Direkt form.
Record CreditCard as Specifiy the payment method for donations via credit card.
Record PayPal as Specifiy the payment method for donations via PayPal.
Record SEPA direct debit as Specifiy the payment method for donations via SEPA direct debit.
Sign up for groups Whenever the donor checked the newsletter checkbox, the contact will be assigned to the groups listed here.

Known Issues

  • At the moment, only regular donations are supported, recurring donations are not yet implemented.


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