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CiviCRM Authorize.Net Payment processor

CiviCRM Extension that provides support for Authorize.Net payments using Credit Card and echeck (EFT).



  • Provides a New Payment Processor for eCheck.Net/Credit Card based on Authorize.Net API (AIM Method)
  • Supports Recurring Contributions using Authorize.Net Automated Recurring Billing (ARB)
  • Supports Webhooks:


  • CiviCRM 5.24+


The mjwshared extension is required and MUST be installed.


  1. Add a New Payment Processor of type Authorize.Net (eCheck.Net) or Authorize.Net (Credit Card) in the menu via Administer->System Settings->Payment Processors.

Migration from legacy Authorize.Net

CiviCRM core ships with an old payment processor for Authorize.Net which uses an unsupported, insecure API.

To migrate to the new processor provided by this extension make sure you have the following credentials:

  • 'user_name_label' => 'API Login ID',
  • 'password_label' => 'Transaction Key',
  • 'signature_label' => 'Signature Key',

Usually it is just the signature key that you need to get from your Authorize.Net dashboard.


Webhooks are configured automatically when a payment processor is created.


  • Webhooks based on stymiee/authnetjson library -

Support and Maintenance

This extension is supported and maintained with the help and support of the CiviCRM community by:

MJW Consulting

We offer paid support and development as well as a troubleshooting/investigation service.