Keyboard shortcuts

If you are on a PC, many common activities can be done with keyboard shortcuts (aka access keys rather than clicking through the navigation menus. (Unfortunately, there are no keyboard shortcuts for Macs.) In CiviCRM on-screen help, keyboard shortcuts are called Access Keys.

Access keys

  • Add a new Individual contact: <ALT>+<SHIFT>+I
  • Add a new Organisation contact: <ALT>+<SHIFT>+O
  • Add a new Household contact: <ALT>+<SHIFT>+H
  • Add a new Group: <ALT>+<SHIFT>+G
  • Add a new Activity: <ALT>+<SHIFT>+A
  • Save a page (when it edit mode) <ALT>+<SHIFT>+S
  • Add a new record (e.g. add a new contribution when you are on the contribution tab):<ALT>+<SHIFT>+N