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Drupal modules incompatible with CiviCRM

If you discover a compatibility issue then add it to the table below. Also, log an issue in the Drupal module's issue queue and add a link to it here. Other developers can then help fix these issues more easily.

Information last updated on Module Version Problem Link to issue Workaround Other comments Reporter
2015-05-27 Devel 7.x-1.5 The 'Display page timer' setting breaks CiviCRM's JavaScript interfaces TBC Disable this setting John.K
2015-06-09 Boxes 7.x-1.2 CKEditor does not always work in CiviCRM when boxes is enabled Apply patch ckng
2015-09-10 google_tag 7.x-1 Create new Mailer will break page completely explicitly remove page and / or role Shawn H.