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Sending E-Mail with personalized attachments

You can enhance CiviOffice's functionality with some additional extensions in order to send out personalized e-mail attachments to your contacts. A use case for this might be sending certificates of attendance to your event participants attached to an email.

The additional tools you will need to install are:

  • de.systopia.mailattachment 1.0-alpha1 or higher
  • de.systopia.mailbatch-2.0-alpha1 or higher (provides a search action for contacts and contributions)
  • de.systopia.eventmessages-1.1-beta1 or higher (provides a search action for participants)

CiviOffice and the additional extensions will work without further configuration (when installed in sufficient versions).

To use the feature, search for contacts or contributions and select the search action 'Send Emails (via MailBatch)'. In the options interface, under 'Attachments', select ' CiviOffice Document' and choose the template you want to use for your attachments. Any valid tokens will be replaced in the usual way.

To create personalized email attachments for event participants, perform a participant search and use the search action 'Send E-Mails via EventMessages'. Note that in this case, the From, Cc, Bcc and Reply-To settings are defined in the event settings!